Table Coffee Company

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Our Mission

Making specialty coffee accessible and encouraging spaces where relationships can be built.

About Us

We are brothers-in-law who bonded over a shared love of coffee and hospitality. Over our years of honing our home-roasting and coffee brewing, the only thing we have loved more has been helping put an amazing cup of coffee in someone else's hands. That act of pulling someone to your table and handing them something worth enjoying and savoring is just one part of creating meaningful relationships and human interactions. When we saw an opportunity to start roasting professionally and bring our beans to a much larger set of people, we jumped at it. We hope we can not only send you exceptional coffee beans, but we want to help you get the most out of them. Stay tuned as we begin to roll out resources for brewing coffee well and always feel free to contact us if you feel like your brewing could be better at home!

My name is Dan. I've been on a long, winding coffee journey. In college, I didn't even like it, preferring energy drinks. Eventually, I transitioned over to coffee, but only sweet coffee drinks with tons of sugar. With the help of friends, I arrived at the craft coffee world and came to enjoy the roasting and brewing process as much as the drinking experience. My mornings typically begin with a straight shot of espresso, and in the afternoons I'll do anything from a flat white to an aeropress in my office. I believe people should drink their coffee the way they want to drink it, but am happiest helping people get a brew they are proud of!

My name is Brayden. I started loving specialty coffee almost 10 years ago in college and nowadays you'll usually find me drinking a pour over or americano! I've always had an affinity for crafting beverages and food! Whether it's a perfect pour over or making food for my family at home, I love the process and moment associated with enjoying food and drink together. Roasting for others has become an extension of that. I'll drink any craft coffee and I love trying new beans, new brews, and new experiments. I'm excited to bring this spirit into roasting for the Roaster's Choice Subscription.

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