Roasted Coffee

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Single Origin Coffees



Guji, Natural

This natural process, organic coffee is bursting with ripe strawberry and blueberry notes. A true top lot for the coffee connoisseur. A wonderful balance of acidity and body means this cup will taste great to the last drop! This coffee is grown in the Kayon Mountain farm located in the Guji zone of Ethiopia's Shakiso district. Highly recommend as pourover or aeropress!

Good for espresso.


Cauca Region

Crisp Colombia coffee from the Cauca region. This coffee is farmed by seven multigenerational coffee producers: La Familia Cometa. Combining notes of green grape, crisp apple, with an herbal allspice finish, this bright cup is perfect for a summer morning. It has a very light body, so it is super fun to drink!

Good for espresso.

East Timor


This unique bean out of Southeast Asia is medium-bodied with a variety of spices appearing in the tasting notes. Specifically, we have found this bean to combine with milk-based drinks very well. This bean is great on French press and drip and works well for espresso too!

Good for espresso.

Colombia - Decaf

Huila Region

A decaf that you will enjoy drinking!! This coffee comes from various farms in the Huila region of Colombia and is decaffeinated with a process currently unique to Colombia. The E.A. (Ethyl Acetate) decaf process imparts a pleasant sweetness to the cup instead of stripping it of all flavor common to other decaf processes. We enjoy the graham cracker aroma, creamy mouthfeel and a touch of citric sweetness that leaves you wanting more! Drink all day!!