The Table Blend

Blend of Guatemala and Ethiopia

This is our first blend and we love it so much that the hardest part was coming up with the name. A mixture of our Guatemala and Ethiopia beans, you'll find a wonderfully full-bodied coffee with well rounded and complementary tasting notes.

Great for espresso!

The Fireside Blend

Blend of Ethiopia and Timor

The Fireside Blend is perfect for a cold day inside by the fire. This full-bodied, heavy coffee sits well on the tongue and tastes like chocolate raisins! You won't be disappointed sharing this over a holiday meal!

Great on french press and drip!

The Front Porch Blend

Blend of Colombia and Ethiopia

This blend is all around delicious any time of year. Light on the tongue with a wonderful combination of spice and fruit tasting notes, this coffee reminds us of a fresh breeze and fun moments. Like a front porch, it invites you in further with joy and excitement!

Great on drip!